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Delegation from Iraqi Ministry of Trade, Dairy Specialist, were invited to visit the British Dairy Company APV, as one of the competitors for the Government Tender, for the building of a complete Dairy Milk Collection Centers and Brewery Plants in the northern regions of Iraq, in the city of Nineveh, with a capacity to supply the northern regions of Iraq with needed dairy products.

Among the invited was Mr. B. M. Benjamin, of MECSO/BenEm, "first from the left" acting as an exclusive representative for the British Company APV, Inc., and the key mediator between the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and APV. It was through his efforts that APV Inc., gained the wawrd of the Tender from the Iraqi Ministry of Trade against all competitor companies of Dutch, German and Italian origins. The Milk Collection Centers and Brewery Plants were eventually built to the Iraqi delegates satisfaction before handing the project to the Iraqi Government' "Iraq Ministry of Trade".  We are proud to state that the factory is still operational to this date.

For years after the completion of the center, Mr. B. M. Benjamin, or his representatives from his firm, continued to mediate between the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and APV assuring that all the centers were operating to the full satisfaction of the Ministry of Trade.

The project was considered of such high priority that this picture of the deligates visiting APV Inc, in Crawley, Sussex Englans was published in the Iraqi Main stream newspaper, "Al Joumhouria"

The documents below represent the signing of the Tender with the Iraqi Ministry of Trade for the building and erection of complete dairy plant in the northern region of Iraq in the city of Mosul.  

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